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The company VARAKU-E Sh.pk with the Administrator Mr. Shpetim Varaku started out in 1994, when it mainly worked on concrete production as well as various works on civilian objects. Over the years, the company has increased its activity area with the implementation of various projects, mainly with water supply and sewerage, various roads and a number of other projects extending across Albania. The purpose of our company has been and remains: meeting the quality requirements and for this, the company pursues and applies rigorously the quality management.


Kliko Ketu

Our Services



Porous Asphalt


Color asphalt concrete


Malta (Asphalt Paint)


Cold asphalt


Modified polymer asphalt

What we offer ?

  • 1.Implementation of various road, civil and industrial infrastructure projects
  • 2.Construction of roads and bridges
  • 3.Construction of civil and industrial facilities
  • 4.Road maintenance and various civil and industrial facilities
  • 5.Sale, transport and installation of asphalt, concrete and inert materials
  • Completed projects

    F.V Alsfalti ne Unazen e Madhe te Tiranes
    Putting the bicycle lanes in the Deshmoret e Kombit Boulevard and Zogu i Pare Boulevard, Tirana
    Reconstruction of Port A, Tirana International Airport
    Construction of Bilisht Water Supply
    Construction of a new school in the village of Kamenice, Korce Municipality
    Repair works on connecting roads 2016, Tirana International Airport
    Reconstruction of the Gryke-Manati-Kolsh road and the construction of the Cemetery Road
    Paving Asphalt Ring Erseke
    Reconstruction of Vaqarr Roads, National Road Qender Vaqarr, Circuito Ibro Road and Rrugicat
    Reconstruction of the Road “National Road – Qender Manskuri”

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    Number of Employees


    Company capital

    232.000.000 leke